Who are we?

The Crochet House: an area in turmoil


A few landmarks

  • 1991: Lionel Crochet and Sandra Laval arrive in Lorraine, in Bulligny, as wine workers for two Champagne owners accompanied by their 3 children.
  • 1996: Lionel and Sandra settle down by taking over some of the vines they were working on (3.5 ha)
  • 2000s: Cuvée Crochet boom
  • 2003: Production of Bergalant, a bergamot cuvée launched by the company in partnership with the Brotherhood of The Bergamot of Nancy
  • 2004: Withdrawal of AOC Côtes de Toul
  • 2007: Opening of our rooms and guest table
  • 2012: Planting of the "307 plot" in Chardonnay
  • 2016: Return of Wilfried, the son of the house, on the farm
  • 2017: Organic conversion on white grape varieties
  • 2019: Organic conversion on the entire farm