Our grapes

In the Toulois, the grapes worked are essentially the Gamay, the Pinot noir and the Auxerrois. In recent years, we have been exploiting vines in Chardonnay. The vineyards of our farm are planted at a density of 9 000 feet/ha.



2.6 ha-60% of our surfaces

The Gamay serves for the elaboration of the Cuvée Crochet and for the grey wine. Its fruit aromas are ideal for sparkling wines. We could compare it to the Pinot Meunier in Champagne because it brings a lot of fruit to the wine.

Pinot Noir

0.90 ha-20% of our surfaces

A grape whose reputation is no longer to be done, it can be vinified for the traditional method like a white or macerated for a red wine. For the effervescent, it brings from the structure to the Assembly. It's less dry than a gamay. For red wine, it is vinified in mono-varietal with its characteristic aromas of red fruits, mainly cherry and round tannins.



0.45 ha-10% of our surfaces

Auxerrois is a grape variety found only in the greater east of France and in Luxembourg. His vegetative cycle is short. The fall of the acidity can be very fast which requires a very thoughtful harvest date and the day near. For winemaking in traditional methods, these are the first grapes picked. In quiet wine, the grapes are allowed to ripen for about ten extra days.


0.45 ha-10% of our surfaces

It is no longer present, widespread all over the world, we were only allowed to plant it on an experimental basis only in 2012.  Like Auxerrois, it is vinified as well in quiet wine as in effervescent, depending on the yields of the year.