En passant par la Lorraine...

Lorraine is a region of passage on the way to the South for our Belgian and Dutch neighbours, but it is a region that has a lot to offer.

Lorraine is a region of heritage, gastronomy, terroir, heritage and memory.

Nancy and Metz, the two capitals of Lorraine, are rich in history and culture, like the Art Nouveau heritage left by the Ecole de Nancy or the innumerable contributions of King Stanislas, Duke of Lorraine, from Nancy to Lunéville, from Place Stanislas to "Château des Lumières". On the Moselle side, we note the inevitable Centre Pompidou-Metz For lovers of modern and contemporary art.

Toul, the city closest to our guesthouse, has a huge cathedral of Romanesque plan and Gothic building which has nothing to envy at the Cathedral of Metz. The town which was one of the three bishoprics of Lorraine with Metz and Verdun, is also a fortified town where some vestiges of Vauban fortifications persist.

A little further in history, Grand and Domrémy-la-Pucelle, birthplace of Joan of Arc, are historic places that trace a great history of France from the Gallo-Roman era to that of Joan of Arc. You can also follow the steps of Joan of Arc a few kilometers from here, in Vaucouleurs in the Vosges.

Finally, on the Meusien side, Verdun and its sadly worldwide-known battlefields represent a capital place for memory tourism. Commercy is the place of passage of the gourmands, lovers of the famous madeleines.

As winemakers, we will be happy to share with you a piece of Lorraine's wealth, especially through its Terroir.

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Small village of 500 inhabitants situated between Toul and Colombey-les-Belles, Bulligny is a village of coastline with a Lorraine character. The village vineyards are located at the north and south ends. In addition to the cultivation of the vine, one can add that of the mirabelliers which, moreover, is present in many villages Meusiens and Meurthe-et-Moselle. In addition, Bulligny is home to a 15th revamped 17th/18e Castle at the entrance to the village: the Château de Tumejus.