Located in Bulligny, a small village in Lorraine, about 30 kilometers southwest of Nancy (close to Toul), the “Maison CROCHET” is a family winery running an organic conversion vineyard of 5 ha.

We offer a wide and varied range of wines that we produce from the 4 grapes grown on the vineyard. Sparkling wines done in traditional method represent most of our production. The wines: rosé, white and red are more confidential but still in their typicality and reflect the unique terroir of Bulligny.

Independent by conviction, “la Maison Crochet” produces wines without geographical indication named “Vin de France”. We set our own rules to allow us to develop the best wines as possible.

Autonomous, all stages of production are carried out by our own means. Each wine comes from our grapes and parcels that have benefited from the quality of the house.

Since 2017, the white grapes are grown organically. Sparkling Les Blaissières blanc de blancs, Chardonnay Parcelle 307 and Auxerrois will be certified organic wines from 2020 harvest.

We extended organic farming to the whole vineyard in 2019.

Our philosophy

“No good wines without fine grapes”

A good Winemaker is a winemaker who adapts his cultural practices according to the soil and the vintage.

  • Ploughing and grassing allow the grapes to draw the best of each soil while creating a microclimate conducive to optimum fruit maturation. Manual work during the vegetative period is treated (because prophylaxis is the best remedy for fungal diseases) *.
  • The yields are adapted according to the type of wine produced on each plot.
  • The harvest is manual to preserve the integrity of the grapes until the press and to allow a careful sorting during the difficult vintages.

Each parcel of our vineyard is vinified separately to allow the terroir to express itself and to offer a varied aromatic palate during the blending.

  • The pressing is neat and split to draw the purity of the juices.
  • Sulfite contents are low and filtration are moderate to allow the wine to express itself. 

Our plots

Find on this map, all the parcels that we run on different places of Bulligny (54) and Housselmont-Allamps (54), south of Toul.

By clicking on the areas of the plots, you will find a short description of the vine concerned (area, year of planting, grape, soil, exhibition). Be curious!