2018 campaign: a record year

Each year is different but looks like others. However, 2018 is unique and will surely remain as a record vintage in terms of sunshine and yields.

A warm and watered spring allowed an accelerated development of the vine but also a constant fight against diseases. However, as early as mid-June, the drought linked to the heat wave allowed to further accelerate the growth of the grapes. Some saving rains before harvest allowed the grapes to mature well while remaining healthy.

The grape harvest began on August 28th on our southern hillside the Blaissières and ended on September 18 with the black Pinots.

After 2 years of frost, a beautiful harvest gives heart to the work and also allows to explore new horizons gustatifs. Thus, a new cuvée of red wine is in gestation as well as an unprecedented blend of grey wine. To be tasted soon…

After a certification in organic viticulture on our white grape varieties last year, 60% of the farm were worked in organic this year and we will spend 100% of the estate next year.

Furthermore, after a new design for the still wines in 2017, you will find a change in our sparkling wine labels. Our new logo is highlighted and the label refined in a more modern style. The blends remain unchanged and you will always find the taste that makes the quality of our wines.